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The Filipino Channel Teleserye

The Filipino Channel Teleserye

The Filipino channel teleserye’s are fiction & love based action series which are presented on screen in the most unique & impressive way. There is no wonder that they attract a lot of audience from all around the globe. They have a wide fan audience for their hard hitting scenarios & melodramatic action. I must say that they are a must watch for fiction lovers.

The Filipino channel teleserye are series which are aired in prime time, usually in afternoon. Their scripts are brilliantly penned down. Attention to every little detail makes the series worth watching. The performance of all the characters is usually phenomenal. Because directors & producers put their best efforts to preset exclusive work on the screen.

The length of the series depends upon the appreciation & rating that it gets from the viewers. A series is usually three months long. But if it gets the highest rating, the producers drag it to the possible extent. The next season is also started in certain cases. There are also some series which survived for 7 or 8 seasons & ruled the television screens for years.

Pinoy Teleserye Rewind

The history of Pinoy teleserye rewind originates from 1950. It was the start of pinoy television industry. From 1950 to 1980, not a significant change occurred in the industry. But after 1980’s, the industry evolved quickly. The credit goes to the new directors, producers. Technology is also a factor which played a big role in revolutionizing the drama industry of Philippines.

After 2000, the pinoy series changed completely. The actors brought a blend of romance & action to the screen. Producers & directors offered new content instead of being influenced with the old ideas. Technology also took a major turn & quality of series improved. With the technology, the bunch of new faces influenced the industry.

Soon, a major change took place. The action based series made their appearance on the screen. It was a surprise that they were loved more as compared to the romance or home based series. The viewers loved the thrill & action. Since then, the action series are most popular among the audience & take more screen time of Pinoy TV.

The Filipino Channel Tv Shows

Now I’m going to share the most watched & loved the Filipino channel tv shows. They are not only amazing but also impactful. All of these series are presented by the biggest & powerful ABS CBN network of Philippines.

  • Mutya  
  • Green Rose       
  • Mana Po (Inheritance) 
  • Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin (One Great Love)            
  • Mula sa Puso (From the Heart) 
  • Good Vibes       
  • 100 Days to Heaven
  • Dream D
  • Oh My G!
  • FlordeLiza
  • Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita (Waiting for Love)
  • Inday Bote         
  • Bridges of Love
  • Nathaniel
  • Pangako Sa ‘Yo (The Promise)
  • Ningning
  • On the Wings of Love
  • Doble Kara
  • All of Me                                         
  • Ang Probinsyano (Brothers)       
  • Walang Iwana
  • You’re My Home
  • And I Love You So

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