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Kadenang Ginto is the Story of Romina, a secretary turned spouse of business big shot Robert, who wedded her in spite of the way that she was assaulted and was conveying the offspring of the aggressor. Obscure to Romina, it was Daniela, Robert’s girl, who had organized her snatching, directly before alluring Romina’s life partner, Carlos. With their lives interlaced, their little girls, Cassandra and Margaret, are made to battle about who the legitimate beneficiary is to Robert’s domain.

Main Cast:

Romina Andrada

Growing up in a Fatherless family. She is still young to know the sacrifice of Mother. Early responsible for helping Mother. When she became pregnant again she accepted her because she was happy and had a life partner. She had a stepfather brother but also left them. So the others looked down on Mother.

Daniela Mondragon

Robert’s only son. Daniela grew up like Princess. Spoiled to mother Camila and to disciplinarian, perfectionist but absentee father Robert. Being the only heir, Robert wants Daniela to be in charge of the company. They often fight it because Daniela and Robert never knew her and never been there for her.

Robert Mondragon

All that Robert had worked for her was Camila’s wife. He was in difficult condition. Loving a wealthy woman, Camila. Strive to prove himself to the spouse’s family. They used to eat only the sardine of a spouse, splitting a tiny tin. But here is the dream and life grows with his wife and son Daniela. But this also caused her absence of time for them.

Carlos Bartolome

Carlos comes from a typical machismo family. Son of a retired policeman. When Carlos was a boy, the other man went with her. It was a trauma to the father of Nicolas because the spouse turned around. That’s why women think they are two timers, a fool. But for Carlos is good Mother and not all women are like Mother.

Margaret Mondragon Bartolome

Margaret grew up the same way how Daniella was raised by Mother. Spoiled, tailored to luxury and gets everything she wants. Daniela promised her that she would never lose her and she would not be the 2nd priority. Even though Carlos was upset by the fact that Margaret was right, it was still being spoiled brat because of Daniela.

Cassandra Andrada Mondragon

He was the result of a rape that happened to Romina. But in spite of this, he was magnified by Romina’s love. He was also considered a true child of Robert. She grew up not knowing the truth about Mother.