Daddy’s Gurl Pinoy Tambyan

Daddy's Gurl is a 2018 Pinoy television series which is broadcasted by GMA network. Daddy's Gurl is a comedy sitcom & is broadcasted worldwide on GMA Pinoy TV.
Daddy’s Gurl Pinoy Tambyan

Daddy’s Gurl

Daddy’s Gurl is a 2018 Pinoy television series which is broadcasted by GMA network. Daddy’s Gurl is a comedy sitcom & is broadcasted worldwide on GMA Pinoy TV. The screenplay of the sitcom is written by Chris Martinez & Tina Samson-Velasco who are excellent screenplay writers for Pinoy TV series. The series is developed & created by GMA network.

Daddy’s Gurl Teleserye

Daddy’s Gurl Teleserye is directed by Chris Martinez who is a big name in Pinoy television industry. Daddy’s Gurl Teleserye is a beautiful drama which has turned out contrary to everyone’s expectations. The drama is full of humor & comedy & has successfully kept the viewers glued to the screens. The show is a big hit as it refreshes & entertains the viewers with its light sarcasm & situational comedy.

Daddy’s Gurl Cast 2018 GMA

Daddy’s Gurl Cast 2018 GMA includes the famous as well as fresh faces who are blessed with unique acting skills. Daddy’s Gurl Cast 2018 GMA stars Vic Sotto as Barak Otogan & Maine Mendoza as Visitacion “Stacy” Otogan in the lead roles. Both actors ae playing the roles offather & daughter in the series brilliantly.

Wally Bayola as Marikit Otogan, Angelika Dela Cruz as Oprah Saavedra, Oyo Boy Sotto as Lance Saavedra, Benjie Paras as Tom, Kevin Santos as Daboy, Jessah Nicole as Athena, Jelson Bay as Gerry &  Chichirita as Beauty are included in the supporting Daddy’s Gurl Cast 2018 GMA. All of them are displaying best acting skills on the screen.

 Guest cast of the comedy sitcom includes Odette Khan as Espi Rito, Joey Marquez as Jun, Lawrence Ting as Stacy’s officemate, Jak Roberto as Jonas, Kiko Estrada as Boji, Martin del Rosario as Romualdo “Waldo” Saavedra, Max Collins as May Amoy, Rodjun Cruz as Bomber, Tuesday Vargas as Hannah Silva, Lovi Poe as Yammy, Glydel Mercado as Fely, Ruffa Gutierrez as Ruffa Mae Mendoza, Ai-Ai delas Alas as Amor Flowers & Kendoll as Jonnaly.

Andre Paras as Burnok Onse, Megan Young as Kim, Mikael Daez as Kanny, Madrid as Anton, Barbie Forteza as Pureza, Jason Francisco as Kevin, Leo Martinez as Rudy are also starred in the comedy sitcom as the guest cast. All of them made the guest appearances in the show & surprised the viewers. They have engaged the viewers well so far.

Daddy’s Gurl Episodes

Daddy’s Gurl Episodes has grabbed the attention of the viewers from the very start. The Daddy’s Gurl Episodes maintained to get the highest ratings. A total of 17 episodes have been released so far. Enormous feedback of the viewers has surprised the makers of sitcom. The positive regards & requests to release 2 episodes per week are increasing with every episode.

The Daddy’s Gurl Story

Daddy’s Gurl Story is exploring the lives of father & daughter. In Daddy’s Gurl Story, the father’s role is extremely funny as he makes little earning & keeps talking to the picture of his late wife.

The daughter is a bit sensible yet jolly girl who loves her dad. The sitcom covers their everyday life & little blunders. The unique approach towards the shortcomings of life is something which is appreciable in Daddy’s Gurl Story.

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