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Ador is one of the Police officer who is dedicated and ideal person to the PNP: especially Service, Honor and Justice oriented. He is not only loved by his family and friend zone as well as by community and peers.

The very tragic turn is Ador disappeared in an operation against the human trafficking case. Behind him his wife, grandmother and son is really very worried because of this uncertain scene. The family is told that he suffering with the deep wounds but he is safe in a house and recovered a lot. They are also very hopeful that he will be back soon.

After a week Adore just came back to his family as well as joined his regular job routine once again. But there was a surprising change in his behavior. In his circle every one feel that there is somewhat wrong.

He could not remember many things in the past even the most memorable events of his life. He also completely forget those things which he loves to do. Adore loved one thinks that this is because of that tragic incident which happened to him very recently.

But the most worst part of the story is that Ador is dead and the man is living with the family is his lost twin brother named Kardo.

Now the Kardo is asked to seek out those who are involved in Human trafficking syndicate and weed out some police officers protecting such all game. As ador makes this mission as personal because of the death of his twins brother for the justice.

Now the Question is how will Kardo become successful even he face a lot in the past. How he will face the family even he knows that the wife and the son who loves him a lot are not in actual relation with him as they deem it.

Finally Kardo tell the truth to the family to seek out the justice of his brother & than he enters in the battles against such police officers who are involved in Human trafficking crime.

Main Cast


Ador de Leon – He was from the police family. Ador is full of idealism in his office and he strives to be a faithful lawmaker. But it will be tested when family has a great need. What will be more weighty to him-the sworn duty as a policeman or the welfare of his family?

Cardo Dalisay – Separated from twin Cardo. It is now a SAF officer in Botolan, Zambales. It is helpful to the natives especially to children, but he does not want to bring his will to them. He is afraid of intimacy. All the people near her are always missing. He believed, it was okay to rush to the fight. After all, no one would cry for her loss. Until Cardo needed to be pretended as his dead twin brother to knock down a big syndicate. But the more difficult mission he receives: The pretended father, spouse and grandson.


The loving Grandma of Ador. She is “Grandma Kap” with her neighbors  Village and retired teacher. He is the one who raised Ador. Grandma Flora is happy, the race of those in need. But within him, Grandpa hiding deep sorrow and repentance that he did not know would return to him one day-his adopted grandpa Cardo.


From a loving and happy family to Botolan. Boyish and coarse. Light-hearted and beautiful in life. He is the “peacemaker” not just in their community, but also inside the house. He was the “referee” when he and his mother were touched. She likes to mess up and advise others. But her own love-life, she’s not good. He was in love with Cardo when he was a teenager. He always follows it. She wants to be shoulder to cry on the man. Just then, Cardo is so close that his heart is closed to love. And most of all, Cardo’s only looks at him, katropa But Glen did not give up. He will do everything, not only to Cardo that he should not be afraid to love and love.


Ador’s wife. Loving mother of their son Junior. She even tried to get her husband’s police, she was always worried about her safety. He abandoned the dream of working abroad for Ador. For him, Ador is his home and his savior. But Carmen’s attempt to testify is that whenever Ador must place a duty before their family.


Joaquin’s Ador was the opposite of law enforcement. If Ador, loyal to his duty, Joaquin is a protector of a large international syndicate. He is competing with Ador in academy. He will do everything to tempt Ador and strangle him with his bad deeds


Joaquin’s father and charismatic owner of “Papa Tom’s Burgers”, the fastest food chain in the country. She is close to children, especially to the poor. So he also built a foundation for them. As such, he is always honored by cause oriented groups and business organizations. But behind her adolescence and remarkable image, she hid a dark secret.


Thomas’s wife and Joaquin’s mother. She loves her family, especially her children. The people respected him greatly, especially when he was married to charismatic Thomas. But she was not silenced by her conscience because of her husband’s dark secret. A secret that she wanted to escape for the safety of her children.


Brother of Lola Flora, Grandpa of Ador and Cardo. A General and Director of CIDG. He is faithful to his duty and he loves the family of Ate Flora. But he will be forced to decide and secretly keep the family for a mission. Because of his work, Cardo and Flora’s hidden disabilities can be opened and they will have the opportunity to re-establish their families.