Wowowin TV Series 2015-2019 Pinoyflix

. Wowowin audition often take place to select the best contestants on the screens. Wowowin audition are held & people from all over the world participate in it.
Wowowin TV Series 2015-2019 Pinoyflix


Wowowin is a Pinoy TV variety show which is aired by GMA network. The first episode of the show was released on 10 of May, 2015 on the network’s Sunday Grande sa Hapon line up and worldwide on GMA Pinoy TV.  But on 16 of May 2016, wowowin became a co-production with GMA Entertainment TV. So it was moved to the network’s Telebabad line up replacing GMA Blockbusters. The show proved a hit & made its name to appear on the top of the most watched variety shows list.

Wowowin is a must watch shw as it resent comedy with a touch of creativity & action. This amazing show of Pinoy Tv is created by the Willie Revillame who is a huge name of Pinoyflix industry. The show is written by Cecille Matutina. Wowowin is directed by Alberto Miguel & Joel Angeles who tried their best to make it super hit & they succeeded.

Wowowin Audition

Wowowin is hugely liked by the viewers. It has won many awards in the 4 years of its run. The main reason of its popularity is that a lay man can also participate in Wowowin audition without any offence or charges. Wowowin audition often take place to select the best contestants on the screens. Wowowin audition are held & people from all over the world participate in it.

The audition includes a no. of skits, dance performances & games. One must has to take part in all the segments & excel to be selected. One should have physical fitness, passion, desire & most importantly, the skill to win. The exact information & dates for Wowowin audition are displayed on their official facebook page. Their latest round of Wowowin is happening in the Philippine these days.

Wowowin Cast

Wowowin cast includes a large no. of people who are pouring their hearts out in it. The main host of Wowowin is Willie Revillame (since 2015) who has won a number of awards for being the best host. While Sugar Mercado (since 2017), Halimatu Yushawu (since 2018), Petite (since 2018) & Le Chazz (since 2018) are working as co-hosts. They share a great bonding & their hosting skills are commendable.

Wowowin dancers include Lyca Makino (2015; 2016–2017; since 2018), Kayeann “Marikit” Picache (2016; 2017; since 2018), Melanie Grace Umali (since 2016), Jovil Clerigo (2016–2017; since 2018), Glory Mae Camu (since 2016), Alex Manla (since 2017), Kat Bueno (since 2017), Princess Gregorio (since 2017), Chinkee “Chubbylicious” Brice (since 2018), Sandy “Liwayway” Tolentino (since 2018), Lhia De Guzman (since 2018) & Joy Basa (since 2018).

Wowowin Segments

If I say that wowowin segments pinoyflix are fantastic then it will not be wrong. Wowowin segments are taking the internet by storm for being interesting & excellent. The first segment is Bigyan ng Jacket Yan in which the questions are asked. The winners get money as a prize. Not only winners, the losers too get consolation prize.

The 2nd segment is Hep Hep Hooray in which the participant has to repeat these words & he gets prize.  Wowowin features Willie of Fortune, Pera o Kahon & Putukan Na! & many more segments which are pleasing & interesting.

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