Kadenang Ginto January 10, 2019 Pinoy Channel

Kadenang Ginto January 10, 2019 Pinoy Channel

Kadenang Ginto

Kadenang Ginto is a Philippine family television drama series which was aired on October 8, 2018. The show is premiered on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold afternoon block and worldwide via The Filipino Channel. It is a must watch serial for those people who love to see humorous yet action drama series. Kadenang Ginto replaced Asintado & proved it a block buster series.

Kadenang Ginto Cast

Kadenang Ginto cast includes Francine Diaz as Cassandra “Cassie” Andrada Mondragon, Andrea Brillantes as Margaret “Marga” Mondragon Bartolome, Beauty Gonzalez as Romina Andrada-Mondragon, Albert Martinez as Roberto “Robert” Mondragon, Dimples Romana as Daniela Mondragon-Bartolome & Adrian Alandy as Carlos Bartolome in the lead roles.

Kadenang Ginto cast consists of Susan Africa as Yaya Esther Magtira, Ronnie Lazaro as Nicolas “Kulas” Bartolome, Eric Fructuoso as Alvin Domingo, Joko Diaz as Andro Domingo, Aleck Bovick as Myrna Bartolome, Kat Galang as Bonita Sanchez, Adrian Lindayag as Neil Andrada, Kim Molina as Savannah Rosales, Kyle Echarri as Kristoff Tejada, Luke Conde as Jude Bartolome, Nikko Natividad as Gino Bartolome, Arnold Reyes as Bernard Tejeda, Bea Basa as Fatima, Adrianne Brekke as Stacy, Danica Ontengco as Nadya, Christine Joy de Guzman as Nika, Bea Borres as Maureen, Julie Esguerra as Leslie Joy, Thea Domingo as Teacher, Josh Ivan Morales as Jepoy, Rayt Carreon as Omar, Mailes Kanapi as Ms. Galvez & Sheree Bautista as Jessa in the supporting roles. Kadenang Ginto is aired on Pinoy channel.

Kadenang Ginto January 10, 2019 Pinoy Channel

Kadenang Ginto story is written by a famous drama writer of Pinoy industry. Kadenang Ginto is a family drama genre of pinoy tambayan which has the ability to spell bound the viewers. Kadenang Ginto story is well written. The sty starts with the character of Romina who is a middle class girl. She works with a business tycoon & shares a good bonding with him. His boss’s daughter feels jealous of her & plots against her.

Romania’s life shattered when she was raped by a man who was hired by her boss’s daughter. When her boss Robert comes to know that she is raped & now pregnant with the child of rapist, he pretends to be the father of unborn & marries her besides his daughter’s consent. His daughter falls in love with the ex-lover of Romania & marries to her.

After a year, both of the ladies gave birth to two beautiful daughters. Now the real fight begins. The whole time, the keep plotting against one another, hit each other & betray. Robert’s daughter tells Romina’s daughter that she is not the true daughter of Robert. Romina’s daughter feel stressed & questions her identity. Robert tries to heal her wound but she misbehaves with him. He gets hurt.

On the other hand, both young girl compete with each other. They do hate each other & try to beat each other in every contest. Though they have good personalities but their emotional connection with the family is always disturbed. Kadenang Ginto pinoy Tambyan is moving forward throwing the light on characters of both girls. A lot of mysteries have to be revealed.

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