Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko January 5, 2019 Pinoy Teleserye

Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko GMA

Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko is a Pinoy Teleserye which is one of the most watched 2018 Philippine television drama series. The series is broadcasted by GMA network which always represents fiction & controversial topics in a brilliant way. The Pinoy Teleserye was premiered on October 22, 2018 on the network’s Afternoon Prime and Sabado Star Power sa Hapon line up replacing Ika-5 Utos. This Pinoy Teleserye is directed by Mark Sicat dela Cruz. The director has put special effort into this project as he supports LGBT+ community. He regards Asawa Ko, Karibal gma as a tribute to LGBT+ community.

Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko Time Slot

Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko time slot is set to make sure that most of the viewers get time to watch it freely. Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko time slot is set on a time when people return to their homes form their jobs & children comeback from school as it is an afternoon Pinoy tambayan. Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko gma is aired on 2:30 pm. This Pinoy tambayan is on aired on weekdays on GMA Afternoon Prime. It is aired on GMA on 2:30 pm on Saturday as well.

Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko Characters

Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko characters are interesting as well as awesome. In this Pinoy TV series, the famous faces are included as Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko characters. This pinoy tv series is led by Kris Bernal as Rachel Santiago-Bravante, Thea Tolentino as Venus Hermosa, Nathan Bravante as Catriona & Rayver Cruz as Gavin Corpus.

The supporting cast includes Lotlot de Leon as Lupita Santiago, Devon Seron as Maya Santiago, Jean Saburit as Veronica delos Santos-Bravante, Ricardo Cepeda as Lorenzo Bravante, Maricris Garcia as Allison “Alice” Bravante, Matthias Rhoads as Daniel Lindberg, Phil Noble as Krissy, Analyn Barroas Tina Santos & Caprice Cayetano as Nicolle Bravante / Belle.

The guest cast includes Jason Abalos as Nathan Bravante / Catriona, Rob Sy as Jun, Alma Moreno as Sarah Corpus, Ranty Portento as Andrew, Adrian Pascual as teen Nathan, Ameera Johara as Janice, Mela Franco Habijan as Mela, Juancho Trivino as David, Geraldine Villamil as Marie, Xyruz Cruz as Paolo, David Uy as Stanley & Rob Moya as Gio.

Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko 5 January, 2019 Written Update

Our pinoy channel represents written updates of pinoy series. Today, I’m going to share Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko 5 January, 2019 Written Update on our pinoy channel. In Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko pilot, the events are happening in a most filmy way.

The story is exploring the lives of Rachel, Nathan & Venus. They are playing lead roles in this show. Nathan is a gay man who is wealthy but he is unhappy & unsatisfied from his life. His family consistently pressurizes him to get married. Somehow, he meets Rachel.

Rachel is a living & happy girl. Nathan is forced to marry her. Now he gets trapped. To get out of this tragic situation, he plots his fake death & he succeeds in it. He flies to another country & manages to undergo a sexual reassignment and face surgery. The surgery proved successful. Nathan adopts a new identity & name for him.

Rachel is living alone. After years, she accidently meets Gavin who is a handsome & caring man. She gets impressed & sweeps her feet off for him. But unfortunately, Gavin is already married. When she meets his wife, she gets shocked. His wife’s name was Venus whom Rachel finds her former husband.

The story is going really well just as its name suggests, My Husband, My Rival.

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